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Speaking at the Document Strategy Forum Conference in Chicago on Nov. 1st

Posted by Clayton Cobb on September 19, 2011

Please join me at the DOCUMENT Strategy Forum – Chicago on Nov. 1st while I give a full-day presentation on InfoPath that includes all the basic, foundational elements of InfoPath and then progresses into integration with SharePoint. It will start out very basic and will progress through the day to intermediate level before finishing up with some live examples of real solutions that utilize the techniques explained and shown. The presentation is fun and full of “hotness” as you will find when you attend. =)

My session: PC500 Solving Business Problems using SharePoint and InfoPath | Tuesday, Nov. 1st from 10:00am – 5:00pm

If enough people sign up, maybe I’ll give away an Xbox 360 w/Kinect? Sound good to anyone? If you plan to be there, please sign up at the conference and give me a shout out here on the blog with a comment!

BFMA is looking forward to our third year partnering with the DOCUMENT Strategy Forum! DOCUMENT Strategy Forum, November 1-3 at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare.

Take Your Transactional Document Performance Up, Up & Away…
Attend One of Five Exclusive Pre-Conference Workshops!
Sometimes forty-five minutes just isn’t enough time to truly cover a specific topic! That’s why, DOCUMENT Strategy Forum created a series of intensive, in-depth, all-day pre-conference workshops to cover the material that is important to you. The workshops being offered focus on five different segments of the document life cycle including; SharePoint Implementation & Certification, Managed print Service (MPS), Mailpiece Design Certification, Adobe LiveCycle Designer and Utilizing InfoPath. You will gain great knowledge from your workshop leader, but even better is the interactivity you will have with your peers… learning from each others’ achievements and challenges.

Download our 2011 Conference Brochure Click Here!

Intensive Pre-Conference Workshop Series
Tuesday, November 1st • 10am – 5pm *Lunch included

AIIM’s SharePoint Practitioner Certificate Program
SharePoint has become one of Microsoft’s fastest selling products of all time and one of the most recognizable names in the technology sector, but what is it really? What does it really do? How can organizations harness its true potential? A successful implementation of SharePoint requires so much more than simply purchasing this solution. Enterprises must approach such initiatives with a sound strategy and structure for how to share and manage information across the organization. This special, full-day workshop, offered by the AIIM Certificate Program, introduces enterprise strategies and technologies for managing content using SharePoint, primarily focusing on 2010 capabilities while touching on 2007 or earlier capabilities as needed, and addresses information governance, integration techniques and migration. Attendees will have access to the online materials and exam to gain the official AIIM designation of SharePoint Practitioner. The designation is valid for 5 ye ars.

Achieving Sustainable Cost Benefits of Managed Print Services: Strategy & Best Practices
Cost reduction has always been a top concern for any enterprise’s bottom line, much more so now as organizations are still feeling the harsh lessons of the recent recession. With this focus on cost, along with evolving demographics and emerging technologies, it is no surprise that we have seen the rise of managed print services (MPS). Today, many executives are looking to get a handle on their printing costs and identifying potential cost-saving opportunities. To fully realize the benefits of a managed print program, organizations will need to understand how to effectively manage the full document life cycle — from its point of origin to its return to electronic format. This special, full-day workshop offers MPS concepts, strategic adoption of print programs and best practices to achieve the best cost benefits.

Mailpiece Design Consultant (MDC) Certification Program
We are pleased to present you with the opportunity to become a Mailpiece Design Consultant (MDC) through the Mail Systems Management Association’s (MSMA) Certification Program. Why get certified? Your company needs to have a point person within your organization — someone who has the ability to evaluate the cost of the mailing of a newly designed document. By becoming certified, you will demonstrate that you have gained a greater understanding of the USPS requirements, as they relate to mailpiece design, and the preparation of discounted mailings. The certification also demonstrates that you have an enhanced capacity to analyze discount payment options for mailing applications. The certification is designed for anyone responsible for the design, printing or mailing of any document. The MDC certification confirms that you have met the requirements as established by the mailing industry’s leading certification entity — MSMA. Prior to the exam, you will be given the necessary study materials. But even better, we start the day with a two-hour refresher course, which provides a high-level overview of mailpiece design requirements, classes of mail, extra services and commercial mail preparation as well as a 25-question pre-test. In the afternoon, you will take the exam, which is comprised of true/false and multiple choice questions. As an “open book” exam, you may use the MDC Study Guide and/or any other postal publications. You will have four hours to complete the exam. Successful completion is a score of 90% or better. Those receiving certifications will be honored at the Forum. Sign up early to get your study materials in advance of the Forum.

Designing Forms with Adobe® LiveCycle® Designer
In this special, full-day workshop, attendees will review the basic tools of Designer, exploring the form components in the standard library as well as create their own in the custom library, and learn design tips and tricks while avoiding common design problems. Discussion around how static form design compares to dynamic form design will be included as well as tab order, importing from Word or existing PDF files, action builder, alignment and layout techniques, tables, basic math calculations with scripting, master pages and multiple-page layouts. This tutorial will also discuss techniques to add intelligence to the form and to create dynamic layouts that react to the data or to user interactions.

Solving Business Problems Using SharePoint and InfoPath
Although InfoPath has been a part of Microsoft Office since the 2003 version, most people haven’t even known it was on their desktop. Now, though, with the release of both Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010, the importance of utilizing InfoPath has grown to the point that people are finally starting to take notice. InfoPath is embedded all over the SharePoint 2010 product as well as other Office 2010 products, which makes it an invaluable tool to learn, whether it be as a developer of forms and solutions or as a user who understands that this tool can be considered when determining different ways to resolve business issues. This special workshop will offer attendees a sneak peek into the latest versions of SharePoint and Microsoft Office, walk through the latest features of InfoPath and discuss how these tools are helping organizations improve their processes.

Register for the Platinum Conference Package and Receive One Free Hotel Night (a $200 value)! DOCUMENT Strategy Forum is once again pleased to offer its award-winning Conference Travel Rebate Program. We believe so strongly in the value of you attending that we’ll help cover some of your travel costs. Simply register to attend our Platinum Conference Package and you are automatically eligible to receive “One Free Night” at the Crown Plaza Hotel.

See for details.

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