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Solving Business Problems with SharePoint and InfoPath

Posted by Clayton Cobb on April 26, 2011

How business users can solve business problems by collecting and managing data more effectively

Using SharePoint and InfoPath

  • FirstLook-InfoPath (PowerPoint slides from the presentation)
  • Video of presentation coming soon

This Free First Look Clinic will be held on Friday, April 29 starting at 9:30am until 2pm at the LeaderQuest facility in Denver.  This clinic will be taught by Clayton Cobb of Planet Technologies.

Although InfoPath has been a part of the Office since the 2003 version, most people haven’t even known it was on their desktop.  Now, though, with the release of both Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010, the importance of utilizing InfoPath has grown to the point that people are finally starting to take notice.  InfoPath is embedded all over the SharePoint 2010 product as well as other Office 2010 products, which makes it an invaluable tool to learn whether it be as a developer of forms and solutions or as a user who understands that this tool can be considered when determining different ways to resolve business issues.

Clayton Cobb, a former InfoPath MVP and current SharePoint MVP, will walk us through what these two products mean to each other.  You will first learn what InfoPath is by looking at it directly, building a  simple form, and talking about the basic features.  From there, we will see how to integrate this form with SharePoint 2010.  After that, we will delve deeper into the other integration points between SharePoint and InfoPath. Lastly, we will walk through a multi-system-integrated, multi-product, fully-automated Leave Request system built on InfoPath and SharePoint 2010 as the main platform without a single line of code.

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